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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Did you know that the high five was co-created by the first openly gay major league baseball player in 1977? Rev. Rachel will tell this story in a sports-themed service that will also feature a seventh inning stretch, peanut-free Cracker Jack and a few other … read more.

Poetry Service

People’s Poetry will explore “To Begin Again” through your poems and prose. Note: You don’t have to be a poet! A special feature of this April 14th service is the “Six-Word Novel” on the same or similar theme.

You can access the order of … read more.

100% Beef, and Other Lies We’ve Swallowed

We live in a culture shaped by a Puritan past, in a society increasingly impacted by
puritanical efforts to claim ownership of the concept of holiness. In this message Amy will
reflect on the notion of purity and what it might mean to us as Unitarian Universalists.

Amy … read more.

Reverse Service

After a four-year hiatus, we are bringing back our reverse service. This is a special day where our younger children stay in The Commons for the whole service while we sing out the adults (both in person and on Zoom) to participate in their own … read more.

Living the Questions

It is a day for questions at People’s Church (but isn’t every day a day for questions?) Bring your questions about meaning, ethics, People’s Church, Unitarian Universalism and more (but please no math problems). Rev. Rachel will do her best to answer as many of … read more.

Gathering in Gratitude and Generosity

We will kick off stewardship season (our annual pledge campaign to raise money for the church the coming year) with Rev. Rachel’s annual ‘sermon on the amount’ and an invitation to participate in grateful gatherings – small groups that will have a facilitated conversation about … read more.

Love at the Center

Our Unitarian Universalist Association is in the process of revising Article II of the bylaws, which includes the principles and sources. In this service, Rev. Rachel will explore the proposed changes, which will be voted on at the General Assembly this June. If you want … read more.

The Misuse of Science

Following up on the previous Sunday’s celebration of Charles Darwin and evolution, we will grapple with how the scientific ideas Darwin developed have been misused in racist, ableist, and imperialist ways. The modern eugenics movement (founded by Charles Darwin’s cousin) promoted social policies designed to … read more.

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

On the weekend marking the 215th anniversary of the birth of naturalist Charles Darwin, who developed the theory of evolution and who was raised as a Unitarian. We will celebrate his life and legacy of inquiry, science, and trying to make sense of the world around … read more.

You Don’t Own Me

For better or for worse, the Bible has become a significant text in our world. It has been used as a tool for liberation and it has also been weaponized against marginalized communities of people. In this sermon Amy will take us on a poetic … read more.

Lessons in Leadership

One of the oldest and most important practices in the Unitarian Universalist tradition is congregational self-governance. This practice requires us to call out from among our congregation leaders who serve for a period of time on our nominating committee, our board, and in other leadership … read more.

Remembering Whitney Young


On Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, we will remember civil rights leader and Unitarian Universalist Whitney Young. As President of the National Urban League (one of the ‘Big Five’ organizations of the Civil Rights Movement) from … read more.

Christmas Presents: An All Ages Service

What if you opened a Christmas present and what you found inside was a hymn, a story, or a joys and sorrows ritual? That will happen this Sunday when we share some new and old favorite Christmas music, including the stories behind some beloved Christmas … read more.