1. Go to https://www.librarything.com/catalog/peopleschurchofkzoo/mainchurchlibrary

2. Decide which collection you’d like to search (Examples: Main Church Library=adult titles; RE Library=children’s titles) and select it from the list in the upper left.

3. Near the upper right in the box next to the yellow word ‘Search’, enter a title or author or simple desired topic.

4. Use the book’s Dewey call number in the left hand column to locate the book in People’s library. People’s Library collection is located in the upper foyer to the left of the door into the Commons. The books are divided into Main Church Library (adult) and RE Library (children’s).

5. The Main Church Library begins to the left of the middle of the back wall and continues (left to right, in ascending Dewey call numbers) across the aisle to the right end of the low bookshelves and then around to the front of the bookcase, ending with B (biographies).
The RE Library begins in the middle of the front side of the low bookshelves, ending with RE picture books and fiction (J).