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ArtWall Exhibit: Legacy Paintings by Marcia Wood

There is currently a silent auction of Marcia Wood’s paintings happening at People’s Church, with proceeds going to benefit the Marcia J. Wood Scholarship Fund at Kalamazoo College.  Place your bids on the bid sheets at church or contact Dave Curl at, for more information. As a prolific artist, teacher, and mentor, Marcia […]


Getting to Know People’s People

Jana Watson and Ben Jones began attending People’s in 2011. Jana grew up in St. Peters, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, and moved to Kalamazoo when she was 14. She said, “My mother was United Methodist, but we rarely attended church.  I attended a Baptist Church with my friend in 8th grade, but I […]


Race Matters

This month has been one of zero compassion on the part of the administration. Children taken from their parents. Little ones put in “tender age” facilities. Older kids housed in a repurposed Wal-Mart as if they were nothing more than merchandise. The constant call from those who follow Trump: “They came here illegally.” The sad […]


Making Jams, Salsas, and Canned Items for Bazaar

Our most profitable “department” at November’s Holiday Bazaar is called People’s Specialties. It takes place in the foyer and features your handmade jams, salsas, breads, frozen entrees, cookies, candies, and small hand-crafted items (knitted items, small quilted items, etc.).  While fresh produce is plentiful, now is a great time to start canning jams or salsas, […]


The Library Corner

In Our Own Best Interest; How Defending Human Rights Benefits Us All, by William F. Schultz Sierra Leone, Kosovo, East Timor, the Bronx. The nightly news brings vivid images into our homes of the mistreatment of people all over the world. In the secure comfort of our living rooms, we may feel sympathetic to the […]


Syrian Refugee Family Update

We are celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Altyara family’s arrival to the U.S. These two years have seen remarkable progress for the family.  They received their green cards this spring, which are important as they travel the path to citizenship. The family continues to live in the home People’s Church Refugee Resettlement Team found […]


Social Justice Coordinating Committee Update

Lincoln School Lincoln School volunteers began winding down the year with a final gathering on May 17th to share experiences and celebrate one more successful year of this wonderful project.  Mary Lewis, who has been its coordinator and backbone since inception, is retiring.  Next year Jeme Baker will assume leadership, hoping to continue the successes […]


Green Spot

Citizenship Advocacy Opportunity: Changes to Michigan Environmental Policy The Michigan State Legislature is about to pass some bills that affect the Department of Environmental Quality’s ability to protect our environment. The House just passed bills creating an Environmental Rules and Review Committee and a permit appeal panel that would have authority over the DEQ. The […]



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