Sunday Service

Sunday Service, October 26 – 10:45 a.m., “The Importance of Visibility for LGBT Equality”

With Jay Maddock

Guest speaker Jay Maddock will explain the need for LGBT visibility within the larger community in order to secure equal rights and protections for LGBT citizens.

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Sunday Service, October 19 – 10:45 a.m., “Being Calm and Courageous, No Matter What”

With Rev. Dave Johnson
“It is very hard to be who we are,” wrote Norman Lear, “because it doesn’t seem to be what anyone wants.” A sermon on the politics of self — and the obstacles, resentments, and sabotage that inevitably will arise whenever one defines oneself clearly and responsibly.

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People of Hope: A Benefit Concert For People’s Church

Reflections by Darryl Loiacano In the fall of 2009, while a relative newcomer to People’s Church, I wrote a Christmas song called Hope Is Born. It was the first song I had written in a long time, and also one of my best. The song began a journey of [...]


RACE MATTERS by Therese Malmberg

I was born in the mid-1950’s to a middle-class white family with all the expectations that that implied.  “Diversity” was definitely not part of my or anyone else’s vocabulary at the time; people of color existed but they had their own separate world and no one I knew questioned [...]


The Bazaar is Coming…Please Join the Preparations!

Saturday, November 22rd from 9:00 to 3:00 will be the 12th Annual People’s Church Holiday Bazaar and Fine Arts Sale!  Our church will be transformed into a festive venue with 35 local artists and artisans selling their beautiful work, while we sell our trademark pasties and other People’s specialties, [...]


Monday Morning Series:  “Of Bonds and Binds:  Fables for Our Time” with Rev. Dave Johnson

On Monday mornings at 10:30 a.m. we are reading and reflecting upon a series of Fables that offer insights into the principles of Family Systems.  The fables are from the anthology Friedman’s Fables (Guilford Press, 1990), written by one of the leading authorities on family systems theory, Rabbi Edwin [...]


Tuesday Evening Series:  “I Seem to Be a Verb:  An Introduction to Process / Relational Theology” with Rev. Dave Johnson

I will present a workshop on four Tuesday evenings this fall, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, entitled “I Seem to Be a Verb:  An Introduction to Process / Relational Theology”.  The series begins on October 28 and continues through November 18.  The Church will provide child care for those [...]


Wednesday Lunch-Time Series: “The Balancing Act” with Rev. Dave Johnson

This series will engage the challenge of fostering balance, agility, resilience, and adaptive learning in congregational life, and in our personal and relational lives.  Healthy balancing has multiple dimensions:  Between the individual and community; between leadership and management; between justice and mercy; between seriousness and humor; between planning and [...]


Arms Around at People’s Church: Our Purpose

The Arms Around caring team at People’s Church responds to the needs of our Members and Friends as resources are available, such as: meals following illness, or a death in the family. personal visits, such as hospital, nursing home, or hospice care. transportation to Sunday Services or scheduled medical [...]


Environmental Justice Connection: Eat Safe Fish

Most of you know that the Kalamazoo River is a “superfund site” due to all the PCBs from the historical paper mills. This has also resulted in unsafe fish to eat as PCBs build up in the fat of fish. The PCBs then get transferred to whatever eats them. [...]



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