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Service Auction Update

The Service Auction held on Sunday, February 19, whose purpose was to help folks get to know one another and to donate funds for the church, resulted in fun, of course, and bid awards on 171 items or services, for a total of over $7,000!   Thanks to those who donated and to those who engaged […]


Altyara Family Update

After six full months in the U.S., the Altyara family is thriving! Omar and Abdullah are playing basketball at Arcadia Elementary. An actual game schedule is going to start soon, where they will be playing against teams from other elementary schools. The boys have embraced this sport with gusto and enthusiasm. Their coach, Coach Raven, […]


Race Matters

By Doug Ferguson It was around 2002 when my state of Michigan came out with the first report cards on schools, measuring what they called Adequate Yearly Progress, a mandate of No Child Left Behind. Our school district earned top grades for all of our schools. We advertised it as a point of pride and […]


Getting to Know People’s People – by Ardyce Curl

Following is an interview with a People’s person talking about why she came to People’s and why she continues to participate. Michelle Scott Michelle Scott first attended People’s in October 2014. “I was looking for a church that challenged my mind, had people who also wanted to challenge their minds and a church that could […]


Green Spot

Composting 101 Recap On Sunday, January 15, the Green Sanctuary Committee sponsored a composting workshop presented by Tomme Maile and Amy Newday.  About a dozen People’s people attended. Composting involves layering carbon sources (leaves and other brown, woody material); wet, fresh vegetable scraps; and dirt.  This helps the food scraps decompose, and results in rich […]


Job Posting – People’s Church Music Director

People’s Church, a Unitarian Universalist congregation in Kalamazoo, MI is seeking candidates for the position of Music Director to begin February 2017. We seek a Music Director to inspire, motivate, and minister to our people in music. The Music Director works closely with the Minister to select and lead music for worship, prepares music, leads […]


Director of Religious Education Sabbatical: January – June 2017

Our Director of Religious Education, Diane Melvin, will be on sabbatical leave from January through June, 2017. While she is on sabbatical leave, her many roles will be filled by volunteers. Religious Education classes and activities will continue without any major changes. Why Take a Sabbatical? Sabbaticals are common  practice for professors and ministers and […]


People’s People

Chris Measzros Chris Measzros grew up in the Stockbridge United Methodist Church here in Kalamazoo. He was invited to People’s by Kathy Rankin and Michelle Richards in 2000 and attended looking for a religious home for his children. “I had enjoyed the community aspect of the Methodist Church, but the path to salvation made utterly […]



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