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Art Wall Exhibit: “Shorelines of Mystery: The Land, the Light and the Water,” Interpretive Realist Paintings by Suzanne B. Siegel

There will be a reception to celebrate the artist and her work on Sunday, September 17 at 12:15pm in The Commons.  Please join us! Artist’s Statement This collection of images really constitutes the debut of a major new direction for me.  In the last few years, I’ve found my interest turning much more toward focusing […]


People’s Financial News

Good news!  2016/17 revenues exceeded expenditures by $45,000, with $18,000 uncollected pledges (86% of supplementary pledges and 94-95% of annual operating pledges were paid)—within normal range of uncollected pledges.  The Finance Committee is recommending to the Board that the $45,000 surplus should go into the Reserves, to bring those funds closer to the goal minimum […]


SAVE the DATE! Saturday, November 18, People’s Church Fine Art Sale & Holiday Bazaar

Please save the date and plan to participate! On Saturday, November 18, we will hold our 16th annual, all-church fun(d) raiser. Everyone is welcome to come and we look forward to seeing our members, visitors, and friends. Preparations have already begun, and we could use your help. Our goal is to repeat, or even surpass […]


Come Make Music with Us, Starting September 7th!

No auditions, no cuts! Literally everyone welcome, no experience required! Even if you can’t join us on Sundays, we would love to have you at rehearsals. Bell Choir rehearses Thursdays in Room 12 from 6 to 7pm.  People’s Singers rehearse Thursdays in The Commons from 7 to 8:30pm. Are you interested in song leading? Don’t […]


Race Matters

Charlottesville, White Privilege and White Supremacy By Cary Betz-Williams By now we have all seen it—the men marching in their polo shirts and khakis, carrying tiki torches from the local hardware store. The confederate battle flag, the flapping swastikas. The faces—not even covered—are white faces, white men. A group meets them and violence ensues.  The […]


Library Corner

A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism Dan McKanan and his editorial committee of scholars have provided the Unitarian Universalist community with a marvelously useful access to its rich heritage… With curated writings from early Christianity to the twenty-first century, this collection offers the defining texts… (and) is of particular value for its inclusion of texts […]


Getting to Know People’s People

By Ardyce Curl Patty Playford Patty Pattison Playford grew up attending a Methodist church in Dowagiac in what she says was a religiously conservative family. Her uncle was a Methodist minister in Indiana. “I started hearing about People’s in the 1960s,” Patty said.  “I noted some members were active in the Civil Rights Movement as […]


Green Spot

Environmental Stewardship and Activism By Cybelle Shattuck For people who care deeply about being in right relationship with nature, these are worrisome times. The foxes (climate deniers, fossil fuel CEOs) are in charge of the hen house and there are weekly stories about new threats to the environment. But all is not lost. As citizens, […]



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