Helping on Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning Coffee Helpers

Coffee on Sunday mornings after service is a beloved tradition here at People’s Church but it doesn’t happen by magic. We’re looking for additional volunteers to help make this happen every week! Please sign up here: if you’re interested in learning the ropes and joining the rotation of folks who make the coffee & clean up afterwards!

A/V & Zoom

We are calling for more volunteers to be trained on our A/V and Zoom set up! If this is something that you are interested in and willing to learn, please reach out to Melissa at or sign up for a training spot here: While the set up can seem overwhelming, it is all set up to be as user friendly as possible and someone from our AV team will help train you to make sure you feel comfortable!

Sunday Morning Greeters

One of the key pieces of hospitality on Sunday mornings is greeting people as they come in the front door, making sure they feel welcome! Feel free to sign up here: