RE Notes

Intergenerational Community Blessings

How many places in your life do a variety of ages of folks come together to connect with one another in meaningful ways?
One of the many blessings of our congregation is the opportunity for people to meet and get to know others that may run in different circles.

At our recent Reverse Service when the children remained in the Commons while most of the adults went to their activities, I was awash in gratitude for the teens and adults who remained to help with the kids.

After hearing the Jataka tale of The Prince and Sticky Hair, participants were able to engage in a variety of activity stations.

These included acting out scenes from the story, making their own shields of strength and courage, painting posters of peace and love, engaging in hands on mindfulness activities, making monster puppets and releasing negative emotions through lighting flash paper and archery.

It was a fun and meaningful experience where we worked on honing our inner warriors to better face our own fears and cultivate courage and kindness.

We have the most fabulous group of middle schoolers who are so creative, helpful and such a vital part of our church community. They were invaluable in helping with this service and many of them will help in planning and leading our Intergenerational Earth Day service again this year, so you will not want to miss out on that.

In Gratitude for this diverse community!
Blessed Be, Diane Melvin Religious Education