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Remember to review ALL of the great ideas posted and add your name to the comments if you are able to help make the idea happen (or hit the heart/like button if you aren’t able to help but would like to see the idea come to fruition!). A number of ideas that have been posted on the board have already been implemented!

  • Sunday Coffee Hour: Need some help restarting Coffee Hour after Sunday services – Bob Friedel: 806-6560 or
    • We had our first Coffee Hour after service since COVID a few weeks ago with much celebration! Let’s see if we can bring this back regularly!
  • Adult Specialty!: How come the kids get to have all the fun? A monthly craft or specialty evening for adults could be fun.
    • Comment: I would love to have either a craft evening where we can get together and do whichever craft we are working on at the time or an instructive craft day where we bring in an instructor to share a project. I think that the first one would be easier.  I’d love to figure out how to make this happen, my name is Samantha Lindsey and my cell is 269-567-8138
  • Need Something Done Committee: Every quarter a group of People’s people will help someone with a home project that they are unable to complete by themselves – Jen Docsa-Koehler
    • Comment: My name is Samantha Lindsey and I’d love to help coordinate this! 269-567-8138



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