You Don’t Own Me

For better or for worse, the Bible has become a significant text in our world. It has been used as a tool for liberation and it has also been weaponized against marginalized communities of people. In this sermon Amy will take us on a poetic reflection on the good, the bad, and the ugly of this book; and whether it is possible to wrestle it from the hands of those who use it for personal gain at the expense of the powerless.

**Please be advised that this service touches on issues that include racism, anti-LGBTQIA+ hostility, and religious trauma. While the central theme is compassion for ourselves and each other, some may find the content confronting. You are invited to engage with this subject matter with tender courage, at whatever level is accessible to you.

Amy G. S. A. Brooks is a cisgender, queer, Australian-born immigrant to the United States who loves a good cup of hot tea and hates mornings. She is a minister, and the author of Another Scroll: Defiant Readings for Lectionary Year C. Most recently she has been busy writing her second book and providing pulpit supply for progressive congregations; both in person and in digital spaces. Amy is deeply familiar with grief and trauma. She finds truth and meaning in the liminal spaces where humanity encounters the Divine. She claims kinship with her wife, Laurie; as well as their adult children, assorted members of their chosen family, and numerous pets.

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