Wanted: Co-Leader for Bazaar Artists and Vendors

If you are looking for a very enjoyable and engaging way to serve our church, please consider this opportunity. Emily Sipsma will be stepping away from the wonderful work she has done for several years as co-leader of this very important area of our church Bazaar. We are looking for a special person to replace her and train on-the-job this year with co-leader Rochelle Habeck Hunt.
We have found that it an advantage NOT to be artists, but to appreciate lots of kinds of art and artists. This is a very outward-facing role, representing our church in the community with diplomacy and creating relationships. This work starts in late May to review last year’s roster and results, determine possible openings, review applications received, and build from there in the early summer by attending area art sales and so forth. The work continues as the roster and space are filled and until the Bazaar ends, with tasks changing as the date comes closer.
This IS a job for a person who is comfortable being in email contact as a partner on a regular and continuing basis in this collaborative work of decision-making and communicating with artists. It is helpful to have writing skills to compose letters, computer skills to maintain lists and documents, Excel familiarity, and capacity for interacting with artists to obtain material for print and social media with our publicity team and to solicit voluntary contributions with our raffle team.
There is quite a bit of work involved, but it is stretched out over time, done at the convenience of the co-leaders’ schedules, and truly delightful to work with our artists and our amazing Bazaar team. It is an honor to represent our church in this role and it is a great practice for building patience, discernment, and tact. If you would like to consider this, please call or email Rochelle at 269-341-0381 or habeck@chartermi.net