Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly Update

In late June, the Unitarian Universalist Association (People’s Church is one of about 1,100 member congregations of the UUA) held an annual meeting, the General Assembly. In addition to inspiring worship (some of which you will see at People’s Church soon), several pieces of business happened. Bylaws were updated, including a major revision of Article II of the UUA Bylaws. The Seven Principles are no longer part of the UUA By-laws (though that doesn’t mean we can’t still find them valuable individually and collectively). New language was adopted that describes the core of Unitarian Universalism as six values – justice, equity, transformation, pluralism, interdependence, and generosity – with love at the center.
In addition, several other statements were passed articulating our commitment to centering love in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, acting in solidarity with Palestinians, addressing climate change, and calling for the release of hostages held by Ha-mas. The General Assembly also passed a Business Resolution called “Embracing Transgender, Nonbinary, Intersex and Gender Diverse People is a Fundamental Expression of UU Religious Values’” This is a strong statement that will allow for stronger legal challenges to laws that attack trans folks. Unitarian Universalists in places with laws hostile to trans, nonbinary, intersex and gender-diverse people will be able to challenge those laws on the basis of religious freedom. We will see what the courts do with such an argument, but it is promising, as the states most hostile to trans folks are the states with the strongest protections for religious freedom. To learn more about the business of GA, please visit www.uuworld.org. There are several articles covering this business – and stay tuned for more from Rev. Rachel about all of this soon.