Silent Auction

The Silent Auction opened for bidding on Sunday February 4th and will wrap up on February 18th. Bidding will close on Sunday February 18th. Online bids will be accepted until 10:00am, in-person bids will be accepted until 10:45am.

CLICK HERE to view the full item catalogue! Please note: The starting bids are listed with each item. These will not be updated with the current bids. Bidding is taking place both in person at the church and online. The bids will be updated MANUALLY on THIS SPREADSHEET and so while every effort will be made to keep them as updated as possible, they will unfortunately not be real-time, but please view the current bids on an item before submitting your own!


It’s not too late to submit your items, services or frozen foods! Submissions will be accepted until the morning that the auction closes but the sooner it’s available, the sooner folks can bid on it! CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR GOOD OR SERVICE TO THE AUCTION! 

Frozen Entrees are coming to the Silent Auction! This year, since they weren’t included in the Bazaar, frozen entrees will be included in the auction instead! Feel free to submit your Frozen Entrees to be bid on during the auction! Please read this handy document that has great information and instructions for these!

Still aren’t sure what to donate? People’s people have donated a wide range of 

services, goods, and events for auction including homemade seasonal pies; a poetry brunch; an ice cream party; cooking lessons; dinner parties; game nights; boat rides; child care; a haircut; a home appraisal; tax preparation assistance; framed photographs; original art; plants; skilled (and unskilled) labor; a dairy tour; pet care; accommodation at a lake house, and so much more. If you value it, someone else will too and they’ll be willing to bid on it (with proceeds to benefit our church). Many of these activities also bring people closer together and work to build community. Join us as we build community one bid at a time by sharing our talents and treasures and raising money for the church.