Rain Garden Update

The People’s Church rain garden was created last fall, thanks to the Green Sanctuary Committee and the hard work of many volunteers led by Kimberly Ginn, who is a certified Master Rain Gardener. This garden collects rain runoff into a basin, where the water infiltrates the ground, is cleaned and eventually flows into our aquifer. Roots from plants in a rain garden will filter contaminants from the park-ing lots. Our rain garden will be filled with native plants-those that have evolved to thrive in our area and climate. These flowers and grasses provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. They are attractive to humans, too! However, the basin we dug last September has proved to be too small to handle the volume of rain the area holds, so the adventure continues. This spring we plan to enlarge the garden, install more drains, and add more plants. These steps will help the area absorb the water that naturally collects there, leading to the garden’s success. Volunteers will be needed to help “grow” our rain garden, so be on the lookout for details as we approach planting season. Participating in this project is a fun way to connect with People’s people while doing meaningful work. In addition, if anyone has a sod cutter or a small earth mover they’d be willing to loan, or native plants to donate, please contact Kimberly or a member of the Green Sanctuary Committee.