New Preparedness Policy

At their meeting on September 5, the Board of People’s Church adopted a new Preparedness Policy as part of ongoing efforts to make People’s Church a safer place for our members, visitors, and children. The Board has also identified Preparedness as a major emphasis for the coming year.

As a result, People’s Church is now enlisting volunteers for a Safety Team and a Medical Preparedness Team (for those with some medical training) to address and assist in emergency situations. Team members would commit to serving on the team during selected Sundays of their choosing. Training and orientation will be provided for team members as needed. Gordon Bolar, church staff and other members of the Preparedness team will be recruiting members for these teams during the next few weeks. Please give  consideration to serving on the Safety Team or the Medical Preparedness team if you are contacted. The new Preparedness Policy is currently on our website and can be viewed here: