Several training opportunities related to dismantling white supremacy culture will be offered over the rest of the year to member congregations. New small groups will be formed for the Healing Whiteness somatic training, a small group experience for white ISAAC family members. Invitations will be sent to member congregations for our interested members to apply to participate.

Several of us from Peoples Church have attended this training and found it to be a very supportive opportunity for opening more deeply to noticing and dismantling our internalized white supremacy culture.

ISAAC will also contract with ERACCE to offer additional workshops on Internalized Racist Superiority (IRS) for white folks and Internalized Racist Oppression (IRO) for BIPOC folks. A few of us were able to participate in an earlier round and found it very enlightening and broadening of our perspectives. These will also be made available to

more folks within the ISAAC member congregations. All these trainings can also be made available to our congregation as a specific cohort. Stay tuned.

Staff from El Concilio provided a brief training to the Leadership Board to understand some of the scenarios currently being encountered by our Latinx neighbors in our community and to improve our capacity to support effectively. Dr. Regena Nelson (from the UUCC Church) was elected as Vice President of Leadership Development. The grass roots work of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force and Blocks Club is developing rapidly. Plans for ISAAC’s Walk/Run/Roll event are being made now for August. Save-the-Date details expected soon.



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