ISAAC Presents: Virtual Fireside Chat with Layla Saad, author of Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor

The live-streamed interview on March 16th with Layla Saad, author of Me and White Supremacy, with ISAAC President Elder Doug King was very moving and a tremendous learning opportunity. People’s Church had over 30 people attending our watch party in the Commons and several more watching from home. The key constructs in her book were introduced in the video prelude.

Their conversation allowed listeners to lean in deeply to gain a closer understanding of the impact of our white supremacy culture on all of us, internally through our socialization and in our systems and institutions. Dis-mantling these impacts begins by gaining a conscious awareness as this interview brought to bear.

If you were unable to tune in to the live interview, you can watch a recording of it on the below link.

You are also welcome to share the links with others in your circles to help build a shared understanding as we seek to dismantle racism. There is also a link to the Call to Action, providing an opportunity to indicate interest in several antiracism trainings that ISAAC and its partners will be sponsoring for member congregations and community partners.

Several People’s people have indicated interest in participating in a reading group to read and journal Me and White Suprema-cy more thoroughly at a manageable pace with opportunity for discussion and support. Reverend Rachel is considering offering this for us. Let her know if you are interested. Thank you to all who participated and or who are reading the book!

Fireside Chat Recording 1pm, Pre recordings and 1:30pm, Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat – Call to Action Form/Link (Please submit by March 31st)