Art Wall Exhibit: SPIRIT of the PEN

A Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild Exhibit 

The Art Exhibit Reception will take place on Sunday December 3rd at 12:30pm (after service).

Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild currently consists of 55 artists who focus on the study, practice, and promotion of lettering arts. 

The Guild members have exhibited their work in and around the Kalamazoo area and southwest Michigan for decades. This is their first exhibit at People’s Church. 

Pen Dragons members’ skill levels range from beginner to professional. They work in a multitude of lettering styles, or “hands”, and in a wide range of media: ink, paint, pencil, collage. 

Pen Dragons hopes you enjoy this selection of pieces reflecting themes such as spirituality, kindness, love of nature, meditation or prayer. 

For more information on Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild, visit our website at 

This exhibit will be up from Tuesday October 31st through the end of the year!