Announcing 3 Healing Whiteness Workshops!

If you have not yet participated in one of these circles: Healing Whiteness is an offering for racialized white people that brings embodied practice into the work of untangling ourselves from a culture of dominance. So often our bodies, our words, our actions can be misaligned with our values or what we care about. That is, in part, because we have been socialized into a culture of dominance, and we really have to work purposefully to practice something different. In organizing this can often show up in our capacity for connection, in conflict and in coordination. We hold that all three are necessary to build powerful coalitions for social change. So:

  • How can we bring more authentic, depthful, trustworthy connec-tion into our organizing?
  • How can we stay with conflict for the sake of discovering how it can be generative and take us to a new place we wouldn’t have found had we not leaned into the tension?
  • How can we feel each other more to build stronger coordination that doesn’t leave ourselves or others behind?
    We will consider each theme in turn this year as we offer three 5-hour workshops in Kalamazoo. The locations are still being finalized, but please take a peek at this information sheet ( and register for one, two or all three!
    Once you participate in at least one workshop, you will receive a link to gather virtually for our monthly practice calls. We will hold those June through December where we will revisit some of the embodiment practices from the workshops and continue to harvest what we are learning as we prac-tice letting go of the shaping of white supremacy culture and try on something different.

Two ERACCE trainings coming up at no cost to ISAAC member congregations
Folks interested in either the one day or the full 2.5-day training should register now!!

ERACCE – 1 day Introduction to Systemic Racism Workshop, June 5th

ERACCE – 2.5 day Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop

AUGUST 21 – 23

Register at their website and list ISAAC as the source of your payment for registration.