A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism

Dan McKanan and his editorial committee of scholars have provided the Unitarian Universalist community with a marvelously useful access to its rich heritage… With curated writings from early Christianity to the twenty-first century, this collection offers the defining texts… (and) is of particular value for its inclusion of texts that illuminate both the religious doctrines and the institutional events that have shaped the complex history of Unitarian Universalism. The authoritative introductory essays provide an illuminating synthesis of the numerous Universalisms and Unitarianisms that have contributed to the movement.

—David M. Robinson

This collection of primary sources features leaders, thinkers, and ordinary participants. The selections include sermons, theologies, denominational statements, hymns, autobiographies, and manifestos, with special attention to class, cultural, gender, and sexual diversity.  These volumes present the sources we need for understanding this denomination’s past and for shaping its future.

The two volumes are presently displayed on top of the library shelving.

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