Judicial Candidates Racial Equity Scorecard For Kalamazoo County Commission

June 2022

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The Equity Collective created this document and our goal is to bring more transparency and awareness about candidates on the ballot for the upcoming elections in Kalamazoo County. The Equity Collective has a focus on racial equity and we aim to educate voters on where the incumbents stand on racial equity. The understanding of how systems of oppression affect marginalized communities and communities as a whole is essential for an elected official to properly serve their constituents. This is why the Equity Collective conducted research on local candidates running in the 2022 primary and general election, so that we may inform voters on which candidates have a racial equity lens.

The Incumbent Voting Record Review

This incumbent voting record review is currently for incumbents running for Kalamazoo County Commission. This review covers past voting history in the last and current term. Here are the categories for the voting record history: Housing, Public Safety & Public Health, and Public Support. We hope this information being presented helps voters make well informed decisions.

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Kalamazoo County Judicial Candidates – Anti-Racism and Equity Responses

Brought To You by The Equity Collective

Questions sent to Judicial Candidates (please see attachments for answers):

  • How long have you been/were you a practicing attorney? What is/are your field(s) of law? Share any systemic disparities you are aware of in the Criminal Legal System
  • Share example(s) of how and why you have implemented or advocated for any anti racist and equitable policies/procedures/ initiatives in your role as an attorney/judge? What were the outcomes?
  • What anti-racist and equitable policies/ procedures/initiatives do you plan/commit to doing in your newly elected judicial seat/future work?

Answers given have been copied and pasted verbatim.

The Equity Collective Organizations are non-partisan and are NOT endorsing any candidate. We are only providing Candidates’ answers as information. 

Please click HERE to view the answers to all 3 questions.

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