Red Birth Green (RBG) provides accessible, full-spectrum reproductive care to the Kalamazoo area. Our Women of Color-founded and led team offers all-embracing community care for the modern age.  Our birthwork philosophy combines traditional healing practices and collectivism with a modern standard of care.  We meet our clients where they are, without judgment or opinion. Our goal is to empower all families to advocate for themselves through shared knowledge and connections.

Red Birth Green was founded as the Rootead Doula Collective in 2016 as a way to address Black infant mortality with community care and principles of traditional healing practices. Equitable access and care for all is and has always been our driving mission.


-90 Babies welcomed as of December 2021
-99% Breastfeeding initiation rate
-98% of RBG client pregnancies reach 37 weeks gestation or more
-99% of RBG client babies are born at a healthy weight (5.5 lbs or more)

Rowan Jakobah, a young adult raised at People’s Church who has been one of our Our Whole Lives Teachers, is the coordinator of Red Birth Green.

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