As we enter 2023, many of us HOPE for more PEACE.  Using these words as search terms in LibraryThing, our church’s online catalog, reveals books such as these in our collection.

HOPE (in the Main Library Collection)

   Hope’s Edge: the Next Diet for a Small Planet, by Frances Moore Lappe

Journey to five continents and see the world of sustainability and conscious eating with new eyes–featuring 100 pages of plant-based recipes.

  A House for Hope; the Promise of Progressive Religion for the Twenty-First Century, by John Buehrens shows how religious liberals have countered fundamentalists for generations and provides progressives with a theological and spiritual foundation for the years ahead.

  Turning to One Another; Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future, by Margaret J. Wheatley

“I believe we can change the world if we start talking to one another again”…Such change will not come from governments or corporations… but from the ageless process of thinking together in conversation.

PEACE (in the RE Collection)

  Peaceful Piggy Meditation, by Kerry Lee MacLean

What can you do when you’re mad, sad, or anxious? Find a quiet spot, sit, and breathe.

   What Does Peace Feel Like? By Vladimir Radunsky

Peace. What does that word really mean? Ask children from around the world, and this is what they say….

   Peace Week in Miss Fox’s Class, by Eileen Spinelli

Miss Fox is tired of hearing her young students quarrel. So she announces Peace Week―no more squabbling for one whole week! The children chime in with their own rules…

These books will be on display and ready for check-out in January.  Questions/ comments are welcomed.  Please contact Lois Loeffler, chair of the Library Committee, at




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