Dear ones,

Summer is near – and summer is a special season at People’s Church.

Our summer services are coming. I recently described summer services to a newcomer to our church as ‘lower in production values but deeper in intimacy.’ In July and August, I only lead worship once per month; the other Sundays are led by People’s people. The reflections they offer are usually deeply meaningful. Nearly every Sunday features discussion of the day’s topic, which is its own source of wisdom and insight. Though the summer is more lightly attended than the services during our ‘program year,’ it is a wonderful time to nurture connections with People’s people and engage with services about topics that I don’t have the expertise or experience to tackle.

The summer is also the time that I set aside larger pieces of time for study and planning. Next year, many of our children will be learning more about Unitarian Universalism in their religious education classes. I’m planning to echo that in our Sunday services. If you have a favorite historical moment or person in our religious tradition; a piece of UU theology that particularly inspires you; or a question about who we are, please let me know. If it’s a topic that interests you, that’s probably true for others in the church.

Wishing you all moments of connection and times of slowness this summer,


Rev. Rachel away June 19-21

Rev. Rachel will be out of town June 19-21 attending the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA. She will be largely away from email during this time. If you need to reach her, please call or text her at 269-389-9721.




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