At the end of June, three Board members are completing their terms. Thank you, Susan Moerdyk, Denise Hartsough, and Karen Friedel for your leadership over the past three years! When they agreed to join the board in early 2019, the had no idea what was in store.
The three board members elected by the church membership at last May’s annual meeting will officially begin their service on July 1: Brian Lewis, Joe Hampel, and Gordon Bolar.
Additionally, board member Laura MacLellan has resigned from the board. In accordance with the church bylaws, the board has appointed Matt Johnson to fill the remaining two years of Laura’s term.
At the June meeting, the board selected officers the 2022-3 church year. Marti Peters-Sparling is our in-coming board president, Tom Hackley is incoming vice president, and Donna McClurkan will be board secretary. (For reference, the two continuing board members not listed above are Dan Bair and Rick Johnson.)

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