Bazaar Featured Artists 2023

Join us on Saturday November 18th from 9am-3pm to shop all of our great artists! Stay tuned as more artists are announced in the weeks leading up to the Bazaar!

Meg is a Jeweler and Teaching Artist residing in Kalamazoo, MI.  Meg personally designs and fabricates each piece of jewelry by hand using green practices in her Michigan studio. She uses sustainably recycled and refined silver, gold with gemstones and found objects. Meg’s jewelry is organic, with movement and depth. She designs with attention to details, lightness and sustainability. 

Becki Moffett-Moore is a ceramics artist (who loves to fish!) working primarily with slabs, molds, pinch and coil building. Her mugs are high fire stoneware that are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Some of the other objects she makes utilizing different types of clay are tiles, small planters, and bowls. No two pieces are exactly the same. Each is a unique, functional piece of art.

Picnic Prints is one woman designing and screen-printing nature-inspired tees and household items and making unique up-cycled tapestry tote bags.

Jill Terwilliger finds beauty everywhere – whether walking in the woods or chopping vegetables for dinner. Jill’s mom, a silk screen and block print artist, taught Jill to see the world through artist eyes – noticing form, pattern, color, repetition and evolution everywhere. In doing so, the world never fails to provide abundant fodder for wonder.

Designs inspired by the natural world, created using sterling silver, gold filled, and niobium. Sisters Abby and Anna are continuing their dad’s work of designing and creating beautiful, timeless, affordable jewelry that is made to last.

Fiber artist Ellen Wilson knits and felts 100% wool from Michigan sheep, undyed and all natural, felted. Pieces are transformed through very hot water and agitation. The process creates thicker, denser results that are super soft and warm! Ellen’s “Hot Head Hats” guaranteed no cold heads!

Poppy Candles are handmade with love by Maria Dault. Her beeswax candles are all natural with no additives or fillers. They burn up to three times longer than other candles and feature a natural honey scent. These Michigan-made candles are nature’s gift for those who care about quality.

Textile artist Felix Ruiz hails from stunning Peguche, Equador, where he practices in the long tradition of his mountain village home. Pictured here are Felix’s mother and aunt Miriam, who also help create beautiful blankets, ponchos and other wearables Felix will be showcasing. 

Ms. Charlotte brings her creative designs to handmade aprons that are both functional and delightful. She also crafts unique greeting cards that are sure to spread joy.

Val & Kim of Brickyard Farms LLC have attended the Fine Arts Sale for over a decade, promoting kindness, cleanliness and self-care. Their soaps are handcrafted in small batched with natural colorings, fragrance and essential oils. In addition to bar soaps, pump foam hand soap and refills, they also offer lip balms, face/hand cream and cookbooks.

Donna’s life of wildcrafting, tending bees, chickens, gardens, horses, and family come together to create the themes for her work. In her decorative pyrographic panels, Donna combines organic imagery with geometry, symbolism and nature illustrations which are burned into wood panels. She then uses colored oil stains and a U.V. sealant to finish each picture.

Deeply inspired by nature, color and vibration, Sara is a didgeridoo artist, and sculptor of life-like critters. She works with alcohol ink for vibrant colors, and Apoxie-sculpt and acrylics for realistic, nature inspired creations.

Confections With Convictions is Kalamazoo’s only shop making hand-crafted truffles and other confections exclusively from Fair Trade, organic chocolate. Chocolatier Dale Anderson’s original recipes contain fresh local fruits, herbs, honey and maple syrup. Vegan and gluten-free options are always available. Our mission is to provide employment opportunities for people with felony records and other barriers to employment, and to produce delicious artisanal chocolates.

Billie Gunderson is the owner and maker of Lucy-in-the-Sky Quilts and Fabrics. She has been quilting for 50 years, since taking her first class in quilting at the YWCA as a young mother. Billie specializes in clear color fabrics, designing them into brilliantly colorful garments, quilts and accessories.

Ever since receiving a pair of mittens 10 years ago, Jean Walker has been producing her own take on mittens made from old sweaters. Upcycled and truly unique, these creative creations warm hands (and hearts!).

Laura learned to crochet at age six from her grandmother. After perfecting crocheting long chains, she graduated to blankets, stuffed animals, accessories and more. She loves all things squishy and cute and hopes to one day make a dent in her yarn stash!

On any given day, you can find Katherine and Michelle in their workshop in Kalamazoo, molding, cutting, grinding and shaping steel.  The evolving nature of their art and creativity has contributed to their 20+ years in business, and the life-long clients and collectors who appreciate their work.