DRE Sabbatical

“Sabbaticals are designed to foster rest, reflection and renewal, and an in-depth respite; to give an opportunity to break away from established routine and the press of heavy responsibilities; to offer a chance to experience different cultures and be stimulated by new learning; and to provide time and space to reflect on the meaning of it all.” ~ UUA

The last few years of ministering to our congregation while dancing to the rapidly changing landscape of this pandemic has taken it’s toll; I am exhausted and burned out. I am so grateful our congregation has regular sabbaticals as part of my contract for much needed space for deep rest and rejuvenation.

I will be on sabbatical from Jan-June 2023. After an initial month of retreat and rest, I have several areas of study I wish to pursue. One goal is to complete a Pastoral Care Training module I started this month, complete with a final paper about the effects of trauma on the brain. With this learning, I hope to be better able to minister to congregants who have experienced personal trauma and/or to those of us who are dealing with the various effects the trauma of the pandemic has had on our lives.

I plan continued learning and growing in my personal anti-racism journey and to bring that back into my work at People’s Church as we work together to dismantle white supremacy culture and build the Beloved Community.

Our religious education committee is strong and capable and they will help to oversee many aspects of our religious education program in my absence. Look for more details and information over the next few months.

This is a rich opportunity for everyone to step up and support religious education in our community.

May it be so and Blessed Be!

Diane Melvin, Director of Religious Education




Justice Makers

It is wonderful having children and youth gather together each week to explore topics about how to be effective Justice Makers in the world.

By learning about peaceful conflict resolution and anti-racism, our children can lead us in cultivating more peace and justice for all.

Hope to see you in Sunday morning RE!

Preschool – Chalice Children Children will learn about our church, UUism and our rituals and values. We offer a space for curiosity to flourish as children play together.

K-2nd Grade and 3rd-5th Grades – Justice for All Children will work together to create a peaceful world where we can live sustainably will al people and other species. Cultivating empathy and a sense of responsibility to understand and address injustices. 

6-8th Grades – Justice Makers – We will address social justice, animal protection and environmental ethics and how they can make a positive difference.

9-12th Grades Be the Change and Heeding the Call – We aspire to cultivate the qualities of justice makers in our teens and support them as they live out their faith at the intersection of race, identity and justice.


All Church Camp Out 10/7

Even though it was a very cold night for camping, about 35 people gathered together (most for just the evening activities).

In addition to community connections, we enjoyed s’mores, a night hike, astronomy, flashlight tag and a cold, but fun, movie projected on the back wall of the church.

Chocolate chip pancakes were the perfect way to start off the morning together.

Thanks to Mary Kate Webster and Brandon Brown for organizing this fun event!








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