Earth Day Service!

Our fabulous middle school group planned and delivered an excellent Earth Day 2023 Intergen service
complete with enormous inflatable Earths! Based on the story of a Christmas Carol, our young leaders talked about Earth Day in the past, the present, and the potential futures. Thank you for your leadership!



Special Thanks to Ari and Lexi Webb who sold concessions at the People’s Church Talent Show and made over $50 for the piano fund! Thank you, both!!


Peace & Nature Camp

June 19-23, 2023

We need:

  • volunteers!
  • scholarship donations
  • good vibes!

Reach out:


The RE Committee is here to help!

While Diane, our Director of Religious Education, is on sabbatical, t he RE committee and the RE assistant are working hard to keep our program running. We would welcome your help! We can always use teachers and specialty class leaders! Get in touch, volunteer, or ask us anything by emailing


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