I hope everyone has been enjoying the opportunity to look at and add their great ideas to the new “I Wish Someone Would” board here at People’s Church.

If you missed the announcement: Have you ever wanted something to happen at People’s Church? We’re introducing a new tool called the ‘I wish somebody would…’ board. This is a place to share your ideas for the church and share if you have the capacity to help make something happen. People will share their ideas. Once three people have said they are willing to help make it happen, I will connect them and help them get started.

To make this project as accessible as possible, we will have this board both as a physical object in the church foyer and online HERE

I am excited to see your ideas and to have a central place to store them. Several times in the last year multiple people have said they are interested in the same project, but by the second time someone told me, I had forgotten who the first person was. I hope this will allow your good ideas to flourish and help connect people with the capacities to make it happen.

We are now announcing a NEW featured section of the monthly newsletter: The Wishes of the Month. Here, I will showcase a variety of the new ideas posted on the “I Wish Someone Would” board. Remember to review ALL of the great ideas posted on the board and add your name to the comments if you are able to help make the idea happen (or hit the heart/like button if you aren’t able to help but would like to see the idea come to fruition!).

  • I wish someone would start a children’s choir. When I was a kid it was called Joyful Noise and that’s precisely what it was. I could be a part of a team to help make this happen and I have limited musical experience/talent. ~Emily Sipsma
  • … coordinate an assessment on how accessible the church building is for those with various physical needs, and then make changes based on the findings. Above the bare minimum of what is legally required by the ADA. Also, coordinate a fundraiser or start up a church fund to get automatic opening doors in the front. ~ Anonymous Post
    • Comment on Post: An automatic front door opener would be really nice. I have struggled with those heavy doors for several years, first when juggling babies and more recently with my shoulder and back problems. The front door is attended for only a brief time, and it can be hard to squeeze past the person holding the door open if you are carrying a bunch of things.The back door is not useful as I can’t park back there, and it doesn’t feel great in general to be relegated to using the back entrance.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Swap – Susan Moerdyk
    • One person: Jen Docsa-Koehler has already signed up to help make this happen. Can we get two more folks to add their names and make this wish a reality?


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