The October 1 workday, under the combined sponsorship of Buildings & Grounds and Green Sanctuary, was a spectacular success. The weather was perfect. Lots of people showed up and had a great time working together. We accomplished an amazing amount of work. And then we enjoyed lunch together.  Here’s some of what our 19 volunteers did:

  • Spray-washed the outside walls. They’re actually white, not green!
  • Applied 5 gallons of sealant to the front portion of the old roof (more to be done)
  • Weeded, thinned, mowed, trimmed and edged the lawn and plantings (always more of that to be done)

A big thank you to all our helpers: Allan Hunt, Catherine Niessink, Connie Ferguson, Cybelle Shattuck, Dan Bair, David Smallcombe, Dolores Strom, Donna McClurkan, Gary Heckman, Gary Leadley, George Hrbek, Greg Feldmeier, Kimberly Ginn, Mike Leonard, Rick Johnson, Rochelle Habeck Hunt, Roger Loeffler, Steve Ferguson, Tom Hackley

We plan to do this again next spring. Don’t miss the fun!


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