We’re sharing some meals at church again, so we’re also producing food waste. Did you know that you can compost much of that food waste and return it to the soil? Thanks to the volunteer work of Bob Friedel and Kimberly Ginn, we have a system for that at People’s.

Composting keeps organic matter out of the landfill, where it would rot and produce greenhouse gases. Instead, organic materials-turned-compost enrich the soil and provide nutrients to plants. Mineral-rich compost in the garden also means that use of chemical fertilizers on plants can be avoided.

Instructions are posted in the kitchen, so you’ll know what you can compost and how to do it. Briefly, when you’re done preparing and eating your meal or snack, collect any fruit or vegetable scraps. Napkins, coffee grounds and tea bags are also compostable. We still have to put animal products, oils, processed foods and trash in the garbage/landfill.

Add your compostable materials to the bin on the kitchen counter, or place them in the larger bin outside near the back entrance. That’s it! Bob will make sure it’s stirred and the microorganisms will do the rest. Compost happens! When it’s broken down, Kimberly and our other gardeners will use the finished compost for the plants in our gardens.

If you still have questions after you’ve looked at the posted instructions, please check with Kimberly. This is all part of making People’s a Green Sanctuary. Thanks for helping.


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