On July 3rd we hosted folks from Bike and Build! Twenty young adults joined this group at a variety of life stages: on break from school, in between jobs, or just for an adventure as they decide what comes next.
Starting in Pennsylvania, they are biking across the northern part of the U.S. to raise awareness about the lack of affordable housing, stopping a bit longer in some communities to join work projects with local housing-focused organizations in their communities. After biking in the heat all day, they were so grateful for all the couches and spaces available for resting and of course, the showers!

A hearty meal cooked, prepared, purchased, and/or provided by the generosity of our church members started the evening off well. Several of us ate with the group and enjoyed their presentation about the mission and work of the Bike and Build program that highlighted what they’ve learned along with the excitement and exhaustion of such a journey.

They got started early on the 4th heading to South Bend after bike safety checks, a daily route review, and a group huddle and cheer. Their joy-filled spirits and team-minded energy was inspiring with everyone sharing in the tasks to keep them moving forward, literally.

Follow the group on their blog: Nus2022.wixsite.com/blog

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