While not all of our new members were open to being recognized, here are some of the newest members of People’s Church!

We’re the Nickerson Family! Michelle, Bridget, Mae, Gigi, Hazel, and Herschel. We just moved back to Michigan in December after being away for about a decade. We (Bridget and Michelle) were both raised in very strict religious households, and as adults we’re non-religious. We came to People’s Church because we want to continue our own spiritual journeys, but more importantly because we want our children to grow up in the kind of welcoming, supportive community that People’s offers and to be able to forge their own spiritual paths. Outside of church we’re a homeschooling, camping, hiking, nerdy, board-game playing, Disney loving family. We’re really excited to be here and officially be People’s people!


Adham Tayara – All he wants to share is that he’s happy to be a part of People’s Church!



Jen Jaksa & Wayne Bennett – Wayne and I relocated here nearly a year ago from our homes in MA and NH (lake house).  I grew up in Portage and moved to MA out of college; Wayne was born and bred in the Boston area, as evidenced by his accent.  Proximity to my dad Jim and sister Julie drew us to the Kalamazoo area, as did the kindness of the people and slower pace of life.

We recently purchased a Portage lake home and are remodeling it, with the expectation of moving in July.  We enjoy boating, snowmobiling, hiking, reading (Jen), watching Boston sports (Wayne), and spending time with family & friends.

Wayne and I currently work for New England based companies.  Our jobs are 100% remote apart from periodic trips back to Boston.

Wayne and I found that community at our UU church in MA and are now thrilled to do so again with People’s People.

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