Special Collection: El Concilio

May 7th


Fulfilling the Promise for All campaign

El Concilio serves Latinx residents of Kalamazoo through preschool, translation services, educational mentoring, bilingual counseling, cultural programs and much much more. To keep up with the demand for the services they provide, they are launching a multi-year capital campaign called ‘Fulfilling the Promise for All.’ The goals of this campaign is to expand their services at a new headquarters at 2501 Millcork Dr (leaving the campus of St. Joseph Catholic Church), expand programs, and seed a small endowment to ensure long-term financial sustainability.

El Concilio has been a partner of People’s Church in ISAAC and in other ways. Please attend on May 7 to learn more about this important project.

To learn more about El Concilio, please visit https://elconciliokzoo.org/


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