Special Collection: April 16th
The special collection for April will benefit Southwest Michigan land Conservancy’s (SWMLC) Stewardship Fund to support their efforts to promote climate resilience. SWMLC, a local nonprofit conservation organization, works with people in the community to improve habitat, protect water quality, support biodiversity, connect people with nature, and conserve the landscapes – prairies, forests, dunes, wetlands – of our region. SWMLC works in the 9 counties of southwest Michigan.

To achieve climate resilience, people and wildlife need healthy local natural areas. SWMLC and partners have developed a strategic map called Nature’s Network, to guide land protection
efforts by identifying key areas to protect water quality, biodiversity, and habitat connectivity https://swmlc.org/how-were-planning/

Donations and grants fund the protection and stewardship of over 18,000 acres, with 18 public nature preserves open year-round with no admission fees. Protecting these lands in perpetuity requires financial support not only to purchase properties but also for their ongoing stewardship – habitat restoration, invasive species removal, planting native species, and maintaining public infrastructure for trails, signage, and parking lots.

Learn more about SWMLC’s work, volunteer opportunities and other ways to support this work here https://swmlc.org/

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