2022 make take the record in our legacy of dramatic weather for our Bazaar. Fortunately, the worst was over on Friday and our artists, People’s people, and customers showed up and the day resulted in a wonderful success.

People’s Specialties – led by Lori Rupe, Sandy Steele, Donna McClurken, Colleen VanSlambrouck, Kat Westphal and Carolyn Heineman – achieved its best ever result at $6500.

We had almost nothing left to sell, despite the enormous output of our signature specialties from Martha Beverly and the apprentice Limpa Bread Makers, Bob Friedel and all the teams of Pasty Makers, Jeff Strom and the all-ages Ginger Cookie Bakers, Lori and the Bean Soup Mix Assemblers, Donna McClurken and the Cranberry Chutney Canners, and so many delectable baked goods, frozen entrees, candies, jams, and gluten-free items. As well as the beautiful array of contributed handmade specialties including Carolyn’s earrings, Judy’s cross stitch designs, Julie’s knitted washcloths, Cory’s woven pieces, artwork from collections left by Dave Curl and John Walker, and more.

This event requires the talents and time and contributions of our whole church community.

Special thanks to our Publicity Team and volunteers led by Rick Johnson who got the word out near and far; to Emily Sipsma and Rochelle for managing the vendor participants; to Rev. Rachel and her gracious teams of greeters; to Dolores Strom and her capable teams of cashiers; to Gary Leadley, Catherine Niessink and the B&G crew for preparing our building and set up; to Monday Madness volunteers who moved a mountain of furniture and ate pizza in an hour’s time; to all the dozens of volunteers who prepared and staffed our laden tables of Specialties; to Barb and the finance team for all their counting; and to all the folks – children, youth and the rest – who answered the call and accomplished the clean-up with vacuums and brooms in hand and reassembled the Commons and all in one hour flat! And to ALL who came and shopped!

Thanks especially to our Backbone Team who made it possible – to Keenan for making our building shine, to Savannah for the best play list ever for this event, to Diana for keeping the numbers straight; to Rev. Rachel for guiding and supporting the work of our Bazaar Steering Committee; and to Melissa – MVP for 2022 – who managed it all with creativity, skill and helpful enthusiasm day after day, and aced it on her first Bazaar as our church administrator.

With the addition of artists’ table fees, and the subtraction of expenses for pasty and other supplies and printing costs, we expect to net about $8,500 to support People’s Church. This event also supported the beautiful work of 20 local artists in our community and assisted many people in buying local this year. It was wonderful work that we accomplished together. Thank you, Everyone.





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