New Art Wall Exhibit: Beginning April 4 through June 4, 2023

Artist Reception: April 16, after the service 12:15


Collage:  from the French term, coller, meaning “to glue or stick together”, used primarily in the visual arts to create a composition of lines, shapes and color.  Collages may be created of various materials, and images, both borrowed and original.

A COLLAGE COLLABORATIVE is a loosely-affiliated group of artists who have been exploring and experimenting with this art form.  Members have all worked in other media, such as hand-papermaking, painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil), surface decoration and mixed media.  Although digital collage is becoming popular, every piece in this exhibit is analog, adhering to the original definition.  Members of the group are Lorrie Abdo, Daisy Chisholm, Glenda Demissianos, Joan Khaled, Patsy Kreuzer and Sally Padley.

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