At our Annual Meeting in May, the congregation proposed: “Shall the board direct the treasurer to calculate the amount needed to raise the minimum hourly wage to $15.98/hour for 2022-23, communicate that amount to the congregation as soon as possible, ask the congregation to contribute to a special collection in an effort to collect that amount by June 30, 2022, and pay any funds collected for the intended purpose?”
That motion passed 84-7. As Allan Hunt reported last week, the amount needed is approximately $6,600 for the whole year. We are now asking the congregation to do its part to fund this project by June 30, 2022 so that we can raise wages on July 1st. You can contribute to the living wage for our employees by sending a check to People’s Church with “Living Wage” in the memo line, by going to the website ( and click the blue ‘Living Wage’ button or go HERE to donate by credit card or ACH. There will also be a special collection box outside of the Commons on Sunday mornings until the end of June.

Monies raised will be used to increase wages to $15.98/hour. Should there be more than the $6,600 raised, additional funds will be placed into the Operating Budget to help cover the deficit.


**UPDATE: As of Monday June 27th, we have reached our needed goal for the Living Wage Collection fund! Thank you to all of the People’s People who generously donated to help us ensure all of our employees are paid a living wage!**

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