Congregational Conversation #2: Exploring the ‘Generations’ within People’s Church

In-person: Sunday, July 10, 12:30pm, gather in The Commons

There will be a lunch following the service. Sandwich fixings will be provided. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share if you are able. Childcare will be provided.

On Zoom: Monday, July 11, 7pm, gather at the same link we use for Sunday services:

These conversations will have a similar fishbowl-style structure as our last conversations, in which groups that share a characteristic talk amongst themselves while another group listens and then the groups switch roles. Instead of dividing by age, however, we will divide by length of time as part of the People’s Church community. Church lay leaders, staff, and Rev. Rachel have noticed that there are differences in experience, opinions about the church and its involvement with justice work, and hopes for its future that are tied to how long someone has been part of this church community. This is a fruitful topic for conversation, listening, and understanding at this moment in our life together.

Please sign up to participate HERE

If you have questions about this congregational conversation or ideas for a future one, please be in contact with Rev. Rachel, Tom Hackley, Karen Friedel, or Donna McClurkan.

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