In line with the City’s Climate Emergency Resolution, the city of Kalamazoo has recently released a draft version of its Community Sustainability Plan (CSP) for public review and comment.  The Sustainability Team is taking comments until June 1, and they are planning to present the plan to the City in June. They are really looking for feedback and would like everyone to at least skim the document and answer the short survey included. Everyone includes both city and non-city residents! Check it out HERE.

Climate change is everyone’s problem. We can work on an individual basis, for example recycling, but it is vital that we also work on a community basis. The CSP does a good job of stating what the City can do by itself, while also discussing the regional areas, such as transportation, which needs intergovernmental cooperation. I would strongly suggest everyone look at the plan.

The CSP, in its entirety, is not an easy read – 199 pages – but it is well-formatted to choose the areas that interest the reader. By going to Imagine Kalamazoo, you can see the overview. For more detail on each section, the overview points you to the specific pages of the CSP, for example Healthy Community is pages 86-177.

As with all plans, there are constraints due to available time, amount of money, who has authority, etc. This plan clearly defines the goals, the strategies, and the actions required. It also tries to explain the problems with each due to the stated constraints.

This is our community and it works best knowing what our residents want and need. Please give the City your input using the simple survey included on the CSP page of Imagine Kalamazoo.

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