Sokukoji Buddhist Temple Monastery
The Reverend Kyoun Sokuzan will be joining us at People’s Church the first Monday of every month for guided meditation and a talk on Shikantaza, a traditional style of Zen meditation. With over 50 years of training, Sokuzan has studied with some of the most preeminent Buddhist teachers to come to the west including his root teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and his Zen master Kobun Chino Roshi. Sokuzan is also the founding abbot of Sokukoji Buddhist Temple Monastery in Battle Creek, Michigan. Our program will begin at 6pm with a 15 minutes guided meditation and will be followed by a 45 minute talk with plenty of room for question and answers. We would invite you to stay after the talk to enjoy a cup of tea and get to know the community. All are welcome regardless of experience with meditation.

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