First Exhibit on the Art Wall in 3 years!

“Images of the Night”, photography by Eric Schreur

Exhibit Dates: February 25 to March 25, 2023

Artist Reception: Sunday, February 12, 2023 12:15-1:15 after the service

Hours: By appointment or during church hours.

Eric has been interested in astronomy and photography since his high school years and was always fascinated by the night sky. His early photographs of the sky were made with a traditional film camera, processed in a darkroom. With the advent of digital photography and his expertise in Photoshop, Eric can capture and produce images with more precision than ever before.

This exhibit includes a variety of exquisite photographs of the night sky, including many of the Milky Way. There is also a composite image showing the stages of a total solar eclipse.

He has traveled around the world to witness a dozen total solar eclipses. He carries the same camera and lens combination to each eclipse, and now uses a tripod and tracking motor to follow the sun, and a small computer to trigger the camera.

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Education degrees from Western Michigan University led him to his former position as Planetarium Coordinator at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum from 1985‑2015.

His avid interest remains in his retirement as he built a small backyard observatory to continue photographing the night sky.

To Purchase:

The 12” x 18” photographs on metal surfaces are for sale at $150 each.
Other sizes are also available to order.

Any of the framed images are available to order, in a variety of sizes.

Contact Eric to place an order.




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