Rev. Dr. Florence Buck heard her call to ministry at People’s Church in the 1890s. She advocated for education from her early days as a school teacher, high school principal, minister, and director of religious education for the American Unitarian Association (AUA). She was especially interested in the well-being of factory working youth, those in prison and children lacking an education. Rev. Buck progressed in her field despite gender discrimination and was even recognized by the high honors of being the first woman preaching at Kings Chapel in Boston and being awarded an honorary doctorate at Meadville Lombard Theological School. Considering she did this in a time before women could vote in America and that she navigated it all as a woman—a queer woman at that, is remarkable. Not only will we will learn more about her time growing up in Kalamazoo and hearing her call to ministry in our congregation, but how her messages are relevant for us today.

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