We begin with The Gathering of the Community, which includes:

  • Music for Gathering – welcoming, inspiring, and/or contemplative, to help people bring their attention to this time and place
  • Welcome – an assurance that all are free to attend and participate
  • Announcements – an educational moment, to inform about the priorities, work, and current events of the congregation
  • Introit – usually a song or music, to signal the setting aside of regular or daily concerns and the intentional turning to a time of reflection and aspiration, together
  • Opening Words – a statement to remind us why we gather – in this place, in this way.
  • Lighting of the Chalice – the symbol of our liberal religious heritage, an affirmation of our core values of religious freedom, reason and embrace of diversity.
  • Opening Song – re-affirming our gathering and our intentions, using our bodies and breath

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