Having been reminded of what we share, we move into Searching for Wisdom and Inspiration, which usually includes:

  • Spoken Meditation and Sharing of Silence – to nurture contemplation, honesty, and inner peace
  • Music for Reflection
  • Readings – introducing important points or perspectives to be explored in the sermon
  • Sermon or Presentation – focus on a topic of importance for our religious, spiritual, and congregational lives, for education, inspiration, challenge and comfort
  • The Offering – the sharing of our resources towards living out the missions and goals of the church.  If you are visiting you are not expected to contribute – but if you choose to support our shared work, we welcome your contribution.
  • Giving Thanks for All That Sustains Us – our collective reminder that life is a gift, and together we can make a difference
  • Sharing and Discussion – an opportunity for responses to the sermon, as time permits

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