As Unitarian Universalists, we welcome all persons as members regardless of race, age, disability, sexual orientation, economic status or faith. We respect diverse sources of religious inspiration, and endeavor to teach our children and ourselves to live with reverence for life and in harmony with all creation. A vision of community guides everything we do at People’s Church.

Membership is open to anyone 16 years of age or older who is in sympathy with our church’s vision and mission, as well as with the principles and purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Membership is a form of belonging to and taking root in our particular community. It is expected that members actively support the operations of the church through regular attendance, service, and an annual financial contribution of record, if you are able.

  • Meet and Greet at Second Sunday Lunch:  Every other month, the church holds a Second Sunday Lunch potluck.  These events are a great forum to ask questions and get to know People’s people better.  Check the Events Calendar for the next Second Sunday Lunch date.  Newcomers and visitors are first in line for lunch! Come join us!
  • Membership Orientation:  We encourage everyone interested in learning more about People’s Church, Unitarian Universalism and How to Join People’s to attend our Membership Orientation. This class allows participants to get to know other people who are exploring membership.  Presented jointly by the Membership/Connections Committee and the minister, topics include the history of Unitarian Universalism and People’s Church, our work in the wider community, and the rights and responsibilities of membership – as well as time to explore our spiritual journeys together.  The next Membership Orientation date is May 3, 2020.
  • Membership Recognition Sunday:  On this designated Sunday, we welcome new members into our congregation.  A Bond of Union signing ceremony is held (usually in Room 19) prior to the Sunday Service.  During the Service, new members are briefly introduced to the congregation and then welcomed through song.  Upcoming Recognition Sundays are March 22, 2020 & June 7, 2020.  Please let Chris Schleuder know if you are interested in joining.  The Bond of Union can be signed at any time!

When you are ready to join, we invite you to contact our minister, Rev. Rachel Lonberg. You may also find answers to questions you may have by talking with our office administrator, Chris Schleuder, or a member of the Membership/Connections Committee at the Information Desk in the downstairs lobby or at the desk at the top of the stairs on Sundays.