Over the past year, the widening our welcome team (Sandy Steele, Cylise Snow, Chris Semelbauer, Susan Moerdyk, Marj Lightner, Jeanne Leadley, Connie Ferguson, Greg Feldmeier, Sonja Dean, Gordon Bolar, Andrew Alm, and Rev. Rachel) have asked you about your dreams for People’s Church. The conversation began with a focus on adding a worship service, but it has since expanded to be about how we make everything we do more robust and more in line with our values. People’s people came together at conversation tables last spring to talk about the church’s strengths and weaknesses and our best ideas for our future together. Your Widening Our Welcome Team and I have sorted the nearly 1,000 comments you made at those table conversations and then refined those ideas to figure out what our best next steps could be.

The Widening Our Welcome Team sorted and pondered and imagined your good ideas and now brings you three possible experiments for worship services and give possible areas of focus for other programs, ministries, and projects.

To learn more about the possibilities, watch this video of part of the service on November 11 where Rev. Rachel and the Widening Our Welcome team spoke about your dreams for People’s Church.

If you would like to see the ideas shared at the conversation table – and how the Widening Our Welcome Team sorted them, please click here.

If you have any questions about any of this – or would like to help implement these ideas – please contact Rev. Rachel or any member of the Widening Our Welcome Team.

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