l&fThe non-profit recipient of our special collection on January 10th will be the Foster Care Program at Family & Children Services (see right side of page for more details).

The total amount collected in our special collection on December 13th for Ministry with Community amounted to $1515. Thanks everyone for your generosity!

We will also be accepting food donations on January 10th and 17th for Loaves and Fishes. Member Rick Johnson will have his vehicle in the parking lot where food can be dropped off.

Loaves and Fishes special need for the month of January is BEEF STEW.

One additional note: If you miss a Sunday at church but would still like to donate to a special collection, it is all right to do so. Just send a check to People’s after the date, and make it out to the organization—such as Family & Children’s Services—so that our Database Manager, Dana Kubinski knows what it is for.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on SJCC meetings.The Social Justice Coordinating Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the clubhouse of Parkview Hills.

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