May Gratitude and Happenings

As the regular church year is winding down, it is time to offer our gratitude to the wonderful people who dedicate so much time and energy to the children and youth in our religious education program at People’s Church. Thank you to everyone who completed a flower post-it-note with words of gratitude for our RE volunteers!

 Upcoming dates to note on your calendar:

May 19 – Youth Group has been moved to the 3rd Sunday this month to avoid Mother’s Day

June 2 –  Youth Bridging Service

June 9 – Flower Communion Intergenerational Service

~ People’s Playground Party – 9:30-10:30 AM enjoy muffins and juice together while the children play on the church playground.

~ RE Volunteer Appreciation Reception – after church

~ Bird Bath Installation by the youth group which denotes the completion of the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden Certification Project at People’s Church.

We only have a few more lessons before we wrap up the year. On Mother’s Day, our Kindergarten through 7th-graders are learning about Mary Magdalene where they will explore some of the ways women were portrayed during biblical times. They will also learn how Jesus’ attitudes towards women was unusual for his time. The kids will then make cards for special women in their lives.

May 19th – You Are the Light of the World—our children will learn Jesus’ teaching about being a light in the world and spreading kindness. We’ll make correlations between UU’s chalice lighting with Jesus’ teaching about kindness spreading like light from person to person. They will each make a clay pinch pot and roll beeswax candles to create their own lights to take home as a reminder to spread goodness everywhere they go.

When the 8-12th grade youth meet for their RE classes this month, they will plan the youth bridging service which they will lead on June 2nd. During this service, they will bridge the 8th-graders up to high school and bridge the seniors out.

During this busy time of year may you find ways to slow down and enjoy the sweet smell of the spring flowers.

Blessed Be, Diane Melvin, Religious Education Director

Thank you Religious Education Volunteers

Religious Education Teachers

Preschool – Denise Valette, Laura Bultman, Sulan Artz-Iffland & Eliza Measzros

K/1 – Cary Betz-Williams, Sheri Notten, Chris Measzros &  Joe Tourtois

2nd-3rd – Vicki Konzen, Teresa Cavanaugh, Cindy Pietras & Shannon Rench

4/5th – Chris Semelbauer, Nicky Gates, Mary Kate Webster & Deb Wickman

6/7th – Sheila Reuther, Annie Hampel, Ann Shepich & Dawn Chamberlain

8/9th – Jana Watson, Meghan Grabemeyer, Andrew DeGraw & Missy Howse-Kurtz

10-12th – Rachel Bair, Ben Jones, Kawaldeep Kaur, Andrew Alm & Mackenzie Hatfield

K/1 OWL – Megan Reynolds, Cary Betz-Williams & Sheri Notten

5/6th grade OWL – Pam Wadsworth & Chris Semelbauer

Curriculum Team – Mary Kate Webster, Chris Semelbauer, Michelle Weemhoff, Jana Watson & Wendy Murray

Youth Group Advisors – Scott Weber, Annie Hampel & Robert Allen

UU High School Bridging CONference
May 3-5th at People’s Church

All 9-12th-graders are invited to participate in the regional UU youth conference. Enjoy amazing workshops, youth worship, small group con bands, great food, fabulous coffee house, wonderful friendships and loads of fun!  Register now at

People’s Playground Party – June 9
9:30-10:30 AM

Everyone is invited to enjoy muffins and juice together while our children play on the playground before church.

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