Dear Ones,

First, I have joyful news to share. I was recently granted final fellowship by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association. That’s a lot of jargon. This means that I have completed the early portion of my career, a period when the UUA Department of Ministry has greater oversight of me and gives me direction on things to learn and ways to improve my ministry—and the board and committee on ministry send them assessments of my skills in various areas of ministry. It’s akin to licensing processes in other professions. The UUA approves of me and believes I am fully capable of being a minister. (Ministers can be disfellowshipped, usually after engaging in serious misconduct.) This is a huge accomplishment and the completion of a ministerial formation process that has taken nearly a decade. Though I know there will always be learning and growing ahead of me, I am looking forward to learning and growing in the ways that I choose and the ways required by People’s Church and the wider world demand, not in the ways mandated by a seminary or the UUA. Many thanks to the board and the committee on ministry for their help with this process.

Second, the work of ministry and programs continues at People’s Church. At our recent congregational meeting, People’s Church members voted to start a new program to support immigrants in our community. If you are interested in participating in this work, please let me know. We will need people who can organize people, supplies, and money; prepare food; be hosts; clean up after events; play with children (and adults); and speak Spanish and other languages spoken by our immigrant friends and neighbors. There is much to learn and this program is in its beginning stages. We aren’t yet sure of all the ways we will be asked to volunteer. If you are interested in participating in any of these ways—or have other skills and talents to offer—please let me know.

See you in church,


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