moutonWith Rev. Dave Johnson

All human actions (noted the English judge Lord John Fletcher Moulton) fall within three domains. One is the domain of laws, requiring compliance. At the other extreme is the domain of free choice. In between, Lord Moulton identified a domain which he called “obedience to the unenforceable.” This is the domain constituted by agreements, promises, understandings, civility, and respect. In short: Right Relations. This domain is sometimes problematical for Unitarian Universalists. However, our capacity to function within this middle domain is a key indicator of the agility, resilience, and adaptive capacity in every relationship and in every human system.  We’ll explore some of the implications of Lord Moulton’s model for our opportunities and challenges in strengthening Right Relations in our church, and in all groups which matter to us.

A Special Collection will be taken at this service to support the Duane Roberts Memorial Scholarship (read details here).

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