justiceWith Rev. Dave Johnson

By now the high enthusiasm leading up to Candidating Week will give voice to aspirations of new directions and new possibilities for People’s Church.  On this Sunday before the beginning of Candidating, Rev. Dave will offer some personal reflections on STM (stuff-that-matters) in developing shared ministries.  My colleague Rev. David Rankin, formerly at Fountain Street church in Grand Rapids, observes:   “In the pulpit I cannot preach bromides.  If it is easy, it is probably false.  It if is popular, it is soon outmoded.  If it is soothing, it is lacking depth.  If it is said to be final, it is clearly dead.  What remains is to undertake a rigorous journey, which demands the highest degree of dogged persistence.”  Rev. Dave will consider Rankin’s cautionary observations, and the hazardous temptations of ministry that can undermine its integrity.


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