13062945_sWe will meet in the Commons after the service this Sunday 1/4 for a Talking Circle about recent events such as have happened in Ferguson, MO and New York.

The horrific continuing legacy of racism in our nation dehumanizes all of us, of all races, everyday. Whether you are a person who has had the privilege of witnessing the most recent wave
of events without fear that it could happen to you or your children, or are a person who has had or is likely to have such experiences—consider being in the presence of and in dialogue with others at People’s. This Talking Circle, using the process of Serial Testimony (think summer Sunday services), will allow us to witness and support each other as we live into what we hope will be a Productive Zone of Disequilibrium in our nation (thanks for
this language Rev. Dave).

For information: Carolyn Heineman, 269-547-7113 or carolynheineman@aol.com.

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