The January Special Collection for the Boys and Girls Club netted $806.50.  Our support of this deserving cause will affect the welfare of many children and youth of Kalamazoo.  Thank you so much.

On February 12 the Special Collection will be for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  As our Religious Education program is confronting the horcrux of Animal Cruelty, our young people will be collecting items for the SW Michigan SPCA, such as scoopable kitty litter, kitty and puppy chow, toys (see Needs List at Boxes with labels are in downstairs lobby behind the Welcome Desk.  Please involve your children in this effort, reminding them of the Harry Potter theme in RE.

The Youth Group will volunteer at the SPCA on March 12, walking dogs and helping in other ways as part of this project.

Next month our Religious Education program’s social justice focus will be to challenge illiteracy.  Our kids are hoping to provide a new children’s book for every student at Lincoln School.  More information will be forthcoming in the March issue of  News & Views.

The Center for Transformation, a support program for parolees reentering society, is interviewing applicants for Executive Director for Kalamazoo County.  Rick Johnson, George McCrea and Molly Fairbanks continue to mentor parolees and attend Tuesday lunches at First Baptist Church through this organization.

Anyone is welcome to sit in on SJCC meetings. The Social Justice Coordinating Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the clubhouse of Parkview Hills.

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